What is ProloGel T?

by Howard Rosen on December 20, 2012

In 1997, Dr. Howie Rosen embarked on a journey. As a result of being involved in a serious car accident, Dr. Rosen suffered a neck injury and was hospitalized for several days. Given oral medications for pain, he experienced little to no relief.  As he began to explore other methods of relief, he found some to be effective: chiropractic manipulation and electrical acupuncture both brought temporary relief, and with physical therapy treatments he was able to return to work. He wasn’t satisfied, however, and continued to seek out additional means of pain relief.   neck pain relief   ProloGel

Soon afterward, he found a treatment that worked, called prolotherapy. By injecting dextrose into ligaments, prolotherapy released the body’s own repair process and allowed the body to heal itself.  Dr. Rosen had found an effective solution, not only for himself, but also for the patients who came to him for pain relief.

Still, prolotherapy treatments can require several injections, and Dr. Rosen heard the repeated request for a regimen that didn’t cause any discomfort. As he studied prolotherapy and attended conferences, he learned about neural prolotherapy, which differed from the standard form by treating nerves just below the skin.  This practice utilized shorter needles for shallower penetration and minimal discomfort, injecting a dextrose solution into the subcutaneous tissue.

This notion gave Dr. Rosen the foundation to build upon the idea that it was possible to deliver prolotherapy solutions to the subcutaneous layer without injection. Settling on ultrasound as the most practical means of delivering a solution, he then tried several different solutions to deliver pain relief. Utilizing prolotherapy solutions in a gel form, ProloGel T is the result of Dr. Rosen’s research.

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